EU - Mauritania FPA

Kriton Arsenis, on behalf of the S&D Group.(EL) Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the socialists’ initiative on the motion for a resolution on Mauritania plugs a gap. Following the Treaty of Lisbon, Parliament has a clear-cut role, a role of codecision on European issues; Parliament has to ratify agreements and international fisheries agreements. However, this role vested in Parliament cannot be implemented unless we have prompt and full information, unless we have prompt and full participation in negotiations, and unless these agreements are forwarded to Parliament before their period of application commences.

Unfortunately, and notwithstanding the Commissioner’s efforts, which we acknowledge, there is a huge problem. Parliament is being called on to ratify agreements which were put into application a year ago, it has no official information about progress in negotiations, and it has recently faced difficulties accessing impact assessment, progress and implementation reports on previous agreements.

We need to change a great deal in our fisheries agreements. We need to fish where there is surplus stock, we need to apply the principle of precaution, we need to take practical measures to deal with illegal and unregulated fishing and agreements basically need to foster growth in the countries which enter into them. In Mauritania in particular, there is a huge problem due to illegal fishing and due to the abusive use of gear. In fact, the role and intervention of Parliament will be to foster better agreements in general which, as in the case of Mauritania, need to be applied correctly.