Closure of the ‘Panagia’ hospital and the sale of five school buildings in Thessaloniki

The Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund (TAIPED) has announced a list of 28 buildings that will be offered for sale to private individuals and the simultaneous leasing of these buildings to the Greek State, which will pay rent to their new private owners. Order No 234/24.4.2013 by the Inter-Ministerial Restructuring and Privatisation Committee (Government Gazette 1020/25.4.13, vol. 2) has transferred an area of real estate that includes five schools to the ownership of TAIPED for exploitation.

Furthermore, press reports have mentioned the closure of the ‘Panagia’ hospital in Thessaloniki, mainly due to the fact that the building housing the hospital is not owned by it. Given that the same issue is likely to arise with all the buildings earmarked for privatisation used by public services such as schools, will the Commission say:

1. Does the sale of public buildings already constructed either with Greek public money or EU funds count as a public-private partnership project?
2. Does the sale to private individuals of the 28 buildings comply with the provisions of European law on public procurement and concessions?
3. Is it aware of the transfer of ownership of five school buildings in Thessaloniki to TAIPED with the intention of selling them to private individuals?
4. As a member of the Troika, does it believe that hospitals, schools and other public services that are located in buildings they do not own should merge or cease to function?
5. Is it in favour of the privatisation of public school and hospital buildings?